Origination- About Us

Who We Are

TokeMates was founded in 2019 by a couple in Chicago who wanted to make a environment friendly impact in the world while supporting their baby girl. All products are high quality and handpicked based on the positive enhancement it had in our lives while keeping that sustainability mission in mind. We wanted to have a platform to share our fondness of supporting communities and each other.


Our company believes in giving back and sustainability is a top priority. TokeMates mission is to donate a percentage of our sales to a local group or organization that supports our eco-friendly efforts. We believe even a little contribution goes a long way and to deliver a positive message for future generations to carry on.

 To Our Customers

Adulthood is hard and there is no right way for everything, but no matter which kind of lifestyle you choose, we wish you can fly higher than ever before. 


Oh hey and this is us, your founders. Get to know us...or Not.